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How to care of your hardwood floors?

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Hardwood floors are great. They look excellent, and also feel great when being walked on. However, it is a well known fact that taking care of such floors is not an easy task. They need to be taken care of, and that needs to be done perfectly, in order to have your hardwood floors last for a long amount of time. Many people are probably asking themselves how to do that at this time. Well, if you just follow these instructions, your hardwood floors will always look new, and should never degrade in any way. So, lets get started with instructions, shall we?

First of all, you need to know that you should not use any of the regular products used for cleaning or dusting that you probably already have in your household. They will cause irreparable damage, and that precisely is the reason why you should only use special products that are designed for hardwood floors. Speaking of irreparable damage, it immediately comes to mind that you should not use water to clean them. Sajtovi recommends you Use damp cloths to clean your hardwood floors, but never water, as it causes great damage to them.

Also, do not use any of the chemical products such as ammonia, or any products with urethane, such as wax. Believe it; the glossy finish is not worth it. In addition, it should also be added that you should never drag your furniture on your hardwood floor. It will damage it and cause scratches on it.

When cleaning these floors, it is always better to use the vacuum cleaner than to sweep them. Vacuum cleaners tend to take in all the dust, even the one from between the floor boards, which is something a sweeping broom, could never do. Just make sure you use the proper floor attachment, so you do not damage the floor.

Also, floors could be damaged by direct sunrays. This can be prevented by using blindfolds or sheers on your windows; that way, your floor will not experience discoloration due to the sunlight.

Your feet can also cause damage to the hardwood floors, and especially when using shoes whose soles are not in great condition. Stilettos can also damage the hardwood floors, so keep them in mind. And if you have pets, make sure you trim their nails and claws, because these types of damages can be extremely visible.

If you spill anything on your hardwood floor, make sure you clean it up immediately. Hardwood floors tend to soak it in, which can cause huge damage to it. So, just clean it up; it is not that hard, and will protect your floors. Clean it up with a microfiber cloth of some kind, and make sure you don't use any products that can damage the hardwood, which have been already discussed about at the beginning of this article. So, if you just take things mentioned in this article into account, your hardwood floors should lead a long life.


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