Saturday, March 14, 2015

Four tips to increase the durability of your hardwood flooring

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Needless to say that floors made out of hardwood had a certain beauty, elegance, style amongst many things to your house. We're about to let you in on some maintenance need tricks to keep them look clean and look brand new.

First off, you must sweet, vacuum or dust your floors at least once a week and more if needed, all depending on the amount of circulation they get in order to stop dirt from accumulating. Accumulated dirt will risk scratching or dulling the finishing on the materials and that's not something you want to end up dealing with. Don't forget to use the hardwood floor attachment when using your vacuum.

If you or another family member splits something on the floor, it should be wiped up right away. Can't make up a rush as an excuse since it could make the floor swell, warp and as such ruin the finishing on the wood itself. Simply clean it off with a damp and hot cloth to get rid of any stains on the floor.

To remove difficult soils, use specially made cleaning materials designed for hardwood flooring. Products not specifically made to clean wood or hardwood floors often have chemicals that could ruin or dull the finish.

Watch out for harsh products. Stay away from buffing machines, and also forget about using steel wool or scouring powder. All three of those products are harmful and will end up scratching your finish off your new flooring.

There's no need to say that choosing a hardwood floor had a certain appeal and beauty, but proper maintenance is keep to maintaining those qualities that charmed you in the first place.

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