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Five ways on how to choose the right floor for your kitchen

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There's more in play that just the kitchen floor. This decision is about the entire kitchen and how much you use it. The right flooring option should properly showcase both your style and also coordinate well with the look of your home. Here's a few options for flooring to name a few : Hardwood, Ceramic, Vinyl and Laminate. Those are a few of the popular choices. When trying to narrow down to a single pick, make use of these 5 tips & tricks to make the decision that is right for your lifestyle, your house and most importantly that fits your family.

1- Durability

Make sure it's durable. This is in many situations the difference from having to replace the flooring every few years or enjoying it for many years to come. This is an important characteristic that applies to all floors. But these days, the kitchen is the main traffic area, wether its for cooking, homework or during family gatherings. In particular, Porcelain and ceramic tiles are a renowned for the level of durability that they possess and can last even on the highest traffic areas of your house.

2- Ease of cleaning when it gets messy

There's no avoiding spills in a kitchen. Even less if you have pets or children in the household. So it's better to avoid a flooring that's difficult to maintain clean. Select a flooring that doesn't have a difficult cleaning procedure. Flooring made out of Vinyl for example would be a great choice because some good sweeping ,vacuuming daily and a mopping once in a while is enough to keep it sparkling. On top of that, with sheet vinyl floors, there's no such thing as annoying grout lines to clean up. It's the best option for simple everyday care & maintenance.

3-Considering resistance Moisture & Stains

Most of a house's accidents happen in the kitchen. The majority of floorings can handle a spill once in a while as long as it's quickly cleaned up. Stains from food will stain many varieties of floorings if left over, so you're better off looking for a flooring material that comes with a protective finishing. For this reason, laminate floors are a great choice since it comes with a top layer that naturally protects it from stains and moistures.

4-Match the Flooring with the Cabinets

The 2 Focal areas of your kitchen are the cabinets and flooring, so you're better off picking them both at the same time. Make sure they compliment each other while still not being exactly the same match. Here's an example : if your kitchen cabinets are dark with espresso stains, a light tone flooring such as bamboo or laminate would create an interesting contrast. While lighter cabinetry like white or honey-colorer would fit better with some hardwood flooring thanks to it's target tones. This is the secret to create a warm and inviting space for your house.

5-Consider the style and design as a whole.

Ask yourself the following questions? What look are you trying to create? soft & country ? Sleek & Modern ? Or  Retro & Fun ? Double check that your flooring decisions fit and completes the theme of your house. For instance, choose hand-scraped Hardwood Flooring for an inviting Country French feeling, or light-colored Ceramic Tile for a high-end, sleek and modern look. Stay true to yourself and your style.

The best advice overall is to not complicate things. Make a Choice that will give a certain style to the kitchen. Make it a state for the rest of the kitchen design options : cabinets, fixtures and backsplash. Don't try to take complicated patterns, strike for balance between trendy and vanilla styles.


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