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Bamboo, laminate and linoleum flooring?

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Option 1 : Bamboo

Bamboo is more and more popular flooring material and it is often thought of as wood, even though it is not a hardwood but a grass. Glued together to form engineered planks or solid strips bamboo strands are just as a hardwood. Also, cost to install and purchase are similar to wood products.
Grain patterns include vertical, woven and flat. Vertical grains pack the strands together to create an appearance which is fine-grained. Flat grains show the irregular growth nodes characteristic of the grass; Woven types have lean patterns.
Bamboo is durable and tough. They are easy to grow and regenerate quickly because it comes from plants, and bamboo is considered as an environmentally friendly flooring choice and a sustainable material. However, most bamboo is imported from Asia, and environmentalists point out the energy necessary to transport bamboo to the United States as a factor to consider when selecting green flooring.
You can expect to pay three to eight dollars per square foot for bamboo flooring, and seven to twelve dollars per square foot installed.

Option 2 : Laminate

Laminate flooring provides a huge variety of colors, patterns and styles. It is similar to engineered wood and a top wear layer is backed by compacted fiber backing that is very steady or layers of plywood. The difference is that the top layer is plastic coating applied over a photograph and it is not really a wood. The photo-realism technology which is used produces finishes identical from real wood and some other materials such as ceramic tile, stone and stained concrete.

Laminates comes as tiles or planks. Most of it are floating floor systems, which means they can be installed straight over old existing flooring without nails or glue — no tear-out is required. Laminate is popular DIY flooring, but it is wise not to misjudge your skills — installing between door jambs and around corners takes ingenuity and patience.
Laminate flooring costs one to seven dollars per square foot. And depending on difficulty installation adds two to five dollars per square foot.

Option 3 : Linoleum

Linoleum is made with biodegradable and renewable materials including cork and linseed oil. Mineral pigments are added to produce vibrant and rich colors. Linoleum is considered as a top environmentally friendly flooring choice because it produces no harmful vapors.
Designed for glue-down installation linoleum comes as sheet goods and as laminated tiles and planks that install as a floating floor system. Many manufacturers offer a protective coating that helps the product stand up to foot traffic and prevents staining. Linoleum without this coating should be refinished every 2 years.
Expect to pay two to five dollars per square foot and seven to twelve dollars per square foot installed.
So, it is your choice which type of flooring you prefers the most. All these flooring are very good and it is just your choice and your selection of the types. But, we guarantee to you that bamboo, laminate or linoleum is one of the best flooring.


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